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Choosing color is one of the most important steps in any paint job — and Conco® Paints has just the right tools to simplify the process. A more focused color palette and featured accent colors mean faster product selection and more time at the job site. New industry-specific collections make it easier for pros to help guide their clients to can’t-miss color selections. 90+ years of product innovation and quality means less maintenance for targeted applications, from interior scrubbability to extreme-weather durability.

Conco® Paints Fan Deck

Featuring all 658 Conco® Paints colors, this fan deck is ideal as your convenient, all-in-one tool for choosing color on the go.

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Conco® Paints Color/Industry Specific Cards

Offering a variety of popular colors and color schemes for all types of applications, Conco® Paints Color Cards help simplify your choice.

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ProTex™ Literature

To create decorative textured finishes, refer to the illustrated ProTex™ how-to literature and videos for easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions.

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Conco® Paints Color display

658 colors (including neutrals) tailored for the professional market. 7-step stripe card makes it easier to match existing colors and deliver the variation pros seek. 24 workhorse whites and 24 accent favorites featured in generous 2 ¼” x 5” chips make color selection easier than ever.