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No matter the size or scale of your project, with Conco® Paints Special Order Program, you can have your product shipped direct to the store in just 3 to 5 business days.


Quick 3-5 Day Turnaround – Ships to Store

Effective April 2021

1–5 gallon minimum order (552-0712,554-6987, 554-6989)

** 4 gallon/1 case minimum order (554-6981, 554-6982, 554-6983)

Product CategoryProductSKUProduct DescriptionRetail
Stucco & Masonry Paint5500-01-01 gal**554-6981Interior/Exterior Elastomeric Stucco & Masonry Paint-Bright White/Pastel Base$28.98
Stucco & Masonry Paint5500-30-01 gal**554-6982Interior/Exterior Elastomeric Stucco & Masonry Paint-Deep Base$28.98
Stucco & Masonry Paint5500-40-01 gal**554-6983Interior/Exterior Elastomeric Stucco & Masonry Paint-Accent Base$28.98
Stucco & Masonry Paint5500-01-05 gal*554-6987Interior/Exterior Elastomeric Stucco & Masonry Paint-Bright White/Pastel Base$138.95
Stucco & Masonry Paint5500-40-05 gal*554-6989Interior/Exterior Elastomeric Stucco & Masonry Paint-Accent Base$138.95
Roof & Siding Coating9100-01-05 gal554-6995Exterior Acrylic Roof & Siding Coating-Bright White/Pastel Base$182.85
Roof & Siding Coating9100-30-05 gal554-6996Exterior Acrylic Roof & Siding Coating-Deep Base$182.85
Roof & Siding Coating9100-40-05 gal554-6997Exterior Acrylic Roof & Siding Coating-Accent Base$182.85
Interior/Exterior Latex9500-79-05 gal552-1827Interior/Exterior Latex Flat-Black$106.85
Field Marking Paint9533-05 gal*552-0712Field Marking Paint-Bright White$45.85
Field Marking Paint9533-00-05 gal552-0705Field Marking Paint-Ultra Bright White$57.99
Field Marking Paint9533-40-05 gal 552-0700Field Marking Paint-Accent Base$63.99
Traffic Marking Paint9600-91-05 gal554-9998Traffic Marking Paint-Latex Yellow$114.85
High Build Interior Paint150HB-01-05 gal552-1830High Build Interior Eggshell Acrylic Water Base Enamel$81.85
Dryfall8950-00-05 gal552-0695Latex Flat Dryfall-White$83.85
Dryfall8750-00-05 gal552-0696Alkyd Flat Dryfall-White$73.85
DTM Acrylic Gloss8000-01-05 gal552-1805Interior/Exterior DTM Acrylic Gloss Industrial Enamel$174.85
DTM Alkyd Gloss8000-01-05 gal552-1786Interior/Exterior DTM Alkyd Gloss Industrial Enamel$174.85
DTM Acrylic PrimerP801-05 gal552-1803DTM Acrylic Prime & Finish Primer$154.85
DTM Alkyd PrimerP851-05 gal552-1804DTM Alkyd Rust Control Metal Primer$154.85
DTM Acrylic Gloss8000-71-01 gal552-1792Interior/Exterior DTM Acrylic Gloss Industrial Enamel-Safety Red$37.97
DTM Acrylic Gloss8500-71-01 gal552-1797Interior/Exterior DTM Alkyd Gloss Industrial Enamel-Safety Red$37.97
Interior Acrylic Egghell1500-30-05 gal552-0753Conco Interior Acrylic Eggshell-Deeptone Base$96.99
Interior Acrylic Egghell1500-40-05 gal552-0754Conco Interior Acrylic Eggshell-Accent Base$96.99
Exterior Satin6000-30-05 gal554-6966Conco Exterior 100% Acrylic Satin-Deeptone Base$117.99
Exterior Satin6000-40-05 gal554-6967Conco Exterior 100% Acrylic Satin-Accent Base$117.99

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